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Hair tonics and their use

Hair tonics were very popular in the 50's and 60's. However, with the advent of gels, varnishes and a number of other products, they fell into oblivion.

Hair tonic is an old school styling product. It makes hair shinier, some say hair looks "greaser", but simply something that is a manifestation of healthy hair. The ingredients in the hair tonic help keep the hair buried, which makes it easier to create a hairstyle, as well as various hair conditioners. It differs from other styling products in that it is in liquid form, it contains mineral oil, which is its main component. Some tonics contain additives such as ethanol and a perfumed ingredient that gives the product a pleasant scent. Hair tonics were very popular in the 50's and 60's, but they fell into oblivion with the advent of gels, varnishes and many other products. With the gradual return to traditional barbershops, even hair tonics are enjoying the revival. We can also include pomades in the category of hair tonics, which have a similar composition but are firm. 

Benefits of hair tonic

Historically, various demands have been placed on tonics. Demands for packaging tonics, tonics were to enhance hair growth and density or even reverse baldness. In fact, like most hair care products, the head function of a hair tonic is to keep the hair in the desired shape. Of course, tonics have other benefits, they add moisture to dry hair, they help to moisturize dry scalp, they help to split and break hair, they help to remove dandruff. In addition to the oil that wraps the hair (of course, the amount of tonic is oil-free!), Hair tonics are often perfumed and after use you have a pleasant feeling of fresh hair throughout the day. Men's hair tonics are intended for men who want to keep their hair in the desired hairstyle, but do not need the fixation they will get pomade or cream.

For a barber, tonics are used to refer to them as "massage waters", because with their help, the barber can provide his customer with a scalp massage. Massage helps stimulate blood circulation hair follicles, while the tonic itself hydrates and softens the hair and skin. 

It is also worth mentioning that using a hair tonic will kill bacteria that settle in your hair and scalp.

Use a hair tonic

Most people comb their hair and massage the tonic into their hair and skin. As we wrote above, massage helps to stimulate blood circulation, improves the condition and elasticity of the scalp. After using the tonic, you can use a hair dryer to dry the hair and comb it into the desired shape, while the hair acquires a slight shine.

Recommendation and warning

You can only use tonics on skin that is not damaged or irritated in any way! Most contain ethanol and it really is not a substance that should get into the body.
Oil tonics should be used sparingly (3-4 times a week) to prevent the accumulation of grease in the hair, some tonics should be washed from the head at the end of the day to avoid soiling the bed linen or getting dirt on the hair.
Oil-free tonics can be used without restriction.

In the end, only so much that the hair tonic is not a pomade or "hardener" or hairspray. If you do not have at least 4-5 cm long hair, the tonic will not help you shape your hair. Here you can focus on the other benefits that come from using the tonic.
For longer hair, the tonic is very helpful and in combination with pomade or cream make the hairstyle you want.

You will find in our offer for now tonic, which do not contain oil, but we are gradually expanding the range and oil-based tonics will certainly be added.

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