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Hair shampoo vs. chin shampoo

Although it is well known and we also advise you to use quality chin oil, people often forget that the first step to care starts in the shower.

We often receive emails from new customers asking them how to get rid of itchy chin, dry skin under the chin.
Although it is well known and we also advise, it is necessary to use quality chin oil, people often forget that the first step to care begins in the shower.

So, what is the difference between hair shampoo a chin shampoo? So .. try to look at the composition from the back of your shampoo. . Many of these substances are responsible for removing natural oils from the skin and hair. And while you want to get rid of oily hair, the hair on your chin and the skin under your chin need a completely different care ... so, you can probably see where I'm going.

Applying these types of shampoos to the chin can not only keep the skin dry, but also weaken the roots and unnecessarily split the chin.

When using special chin shampoos You will significantly reduce the occurrence of such inconveniences, because instead of fighting the natural oils on your face, they work with them.

How often should you shampoo to use? Of course, the chin is different from the chin. It very much depends on the environment in which you spend most of the day. If you work manually and are in a dusty environment, you should wash your chin every day. Then there is a group of people who work in the office or drive most of the day in the car, which will be enough to use the shampoo 3-4 times a week. On these warm summer days, it is ideal to wash the chin daily.

However, everyone tries for themselves how often it is necessary for them to wash their chins. As I once wrote to a customer, I look forward to washing my chin than to reading a book 🙂

Remember that after using the chin wash, it is directly desirable to use either oil, or balmif you need to tame your chin a little more. 

The feeling of a clean chin is priceless

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