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What is chin oil?

What does chin oil usually consist of? Why and how much should you use it?

We think that natural things can produce the best results for us, as we are also part of nature. Nevertheless, some of the best medicines have been discovered in nature, which is why you will also find products that contain ingredients from Mother Earth.

Chin oil helps hydrate your growth on the face and the skin beneath it. Hydration of the skin helps to soften and tame the growth and can relieve the unpleasant itching of the chin and its twisting, you know it 😉
A good oil will leave your chin slightly shiny, trimmed and free of excess grease.

And what is the sign of quality oil?
Argan - oil that you can consume. This vegetable oil comes from the kernels of the argan tree, which grows mostly in Morocco. It has an incredibly hydrating and softening effect on your skin and your growth on your chin.
Jojoba - jojoba oil is often used as an 'oil-carrier' for essential oils and other additives in products because it is completely harmless, antibacterial, antioxidant and non-toxic, a truly miraculous product 🙂
Sweet almonds - Slightly light and hypoallergenic oil that penetrates the skin, repels hair follicles and allows healthy chin growth.
Vitamin E - a soothing and antioxidant oil that protects against UV radiation and chin contamination.

No parabens, preservatives or artificial ingredients - That's the basis. You need to realize that even a little is enough if you want to achieve a good result. Every morning you rub a few drops of oil in your palms and massage into your chin, that must be enough. After use, the chin will not remain unnecessarily greasy, because the oils do not contain silicones and thanks to the essential oils, you can choose what scent you will feel under your nose for a large part of your day.

There are many combinations of scents to choose from, if you want to feel energy and freshness in the morning first, reach for fruit essential oils in combination with spicy scents. If you feel stressed and need to calm down, Ylang Ylang essential oil must be your first choice.

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