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What is the difference between chin oil and balm?

One of the most common questions customers ask us. But don't worry, bearded, here is a short summary of both options. Some handsome people use one type, some oil with balm and can not praise them. So which one should you use?

Honestly? It depends on your preferences. Those who have a shorter chin will probably prefer oil, but certainly those who have a longer chin and like how it grows naturally and keeps its shape. Oil on the chinWe offer a number of tonics for the face and hair, such as jojoba oil, argan oil or tea tree oil, not to mention vitamin E. The oil softens the chin without smoothing it, it is easily absorbed and leaves a feeling of freshness.

So when would you rather use balm instead oilBalm gives the chin more stiffness, keeps stubborn hairs together. The balms you will find with us, contain shea butter and beeswax, as well as other ingredients that you will also find in oils. You can opt for a balm when you find that your chin needs a little taming. Balm ensure sufficient grip and a natural appearance. We recommend combining with the use of chin brushes made of natural boar bristles, which will help to smooth even better.

Verdict: opt for oil, if you want your chin and mustache to stay natural, stay well hydrated and healthy. Option on balm it falls when you need to tame your chin and mustache, but at the same time leave your chin hydrated and fresh.

I use both myself. Oil I use it every day and balm three to four times a week. It is best to apply oil and balm to a clean, slightly damp chin, while the face is still slightly "open" after washing and can absorb all nutrients.

If you want your chin to look healthy, it doesn't itch and your skin dries under it, be sure to choose one of these options and your chin will thank you.

You can find chin oils on this link, you will find balms here.

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