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5 myths about the chin

Every beard probably knows this, the surroundings still tell him about all the disadvantages associated with wearing a chin, but let's refute at least 5 myths that are repeated about chins.

Myth no. 1

Brady itching

Itching of the chin can be minimized by keeping your skin under whiskers hydrated by use chin oils, or by investing in one chin brusheswhich satisfies your need to scratch, removes old and dry skin from your face and refreshes your chin. After the first 2-3 weeks, even the slight itching disappears completely.

Myth No.2

The chins are dirty

This is true - as long as you are a proper "spinner". Your chin, like almost everything in the world, will be dirty if you don't take good care of it, clean it and wash it. Just introduce it to your daily routine chin shampoo, which cleans your chin of dirt, cosmetics and food residues 🙂

Myth No.3

The chin is too warm all year round

The chin grows and the beard grows it all his life, not just over the winter! The chin, depending on its density, even protects the skin from the sun and wicks sweat away from the face. We wrote more about that in the article How to prepare your chin for summer.

Myth No.4

Shaving will strengthen your chin

If you're worried that your chin is too thin and you're starting to think you're going to shave again, end it before you touch the razor. This is a very common myth, which was mentioned in perhaps all parts of the hair because shaved hairs start to grow with a blunt tip, unlike depilation, where hairs start to grow with a conical end, but the density always remains the same. In the next article, we will try to approach how to try to thicken your chin. 

Myth No.5

Kissing the beard is not pleasant

Try telling girls whose "type" is a beard. Yes, the dreaded "chin prick" isn't a joke, but after skipping the stubble phase, it shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep your chin soft thanks to regular use. oils or balmsSatisfied chin = satisfied partner. 

You have encountered other allusions and negatives, why shouldn't you wear your chin?

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